The 10 Ways

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Cynthia Chauvin has seen into the hearts and minds of over 10,000 women. Her intuitive readings have uncovered the secrets to living the 21st century relationship.

Whether single, married or divorced, a happy, healthy, intimate relationship with a loving and committed partner is possible.

Cynthia Chauvin

Cynthia Chauvin

Cynthia Chauvin is a full time Psychic and Certified Practitioner of Hypnosis. She has done over 10,000 readings with women. Cynthia is from New Orleans and lives with her husband outside Washington D.C.  The 10 WAYS: A Guide to the 21st Century Relatonship is her third book.

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News & Announcements

Weight Lost - Part One - Unblocking the Way

April 29, 2012

 Weight Lost - Part One - Unblocking the Way has just been released from Cynthia Chauvin and Two Dragons International. The fifth in the 10 Ways catalogue of products, this 40 minute hypnosis meditation guides listeners to a place where they can let go the first thing that needs to be dealt with in any weight loss endeavor - negative thoughts. 

THE 10 WAYS - Now Available on Amazon!

September 15, 2011

Two Dragons International Inc announces that "The 10 Ways - A Guide to the 21st Century Relationship" is now available domestically on ISBN 978-0-9816467-32, Trade Paperback List price 17.95

Cynthia Chauvin to be releasing audio CD companions

August 11, 2010

Two Dragons International Inc. announces that Cynthia Chauvin will be releasing audio CD companions for "The 10 Ways to Get and Keep Your Man" series. First up, "Door of Transformation!"

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